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Welcome to the Online Studio!

A collective of creatives, offering a place for quality and good art.



In North Philadelphia, born and raised, young Skvwalker spent his early childhood drawing pictures. Later in his life, he would delve into various mediums for creative expression. Throughout high school, Skvwalker got involved with film editing, uploading a few small projects to his YouTube account. Currently, Skvwalker has taken on the music industry using all his talents to create original thought-provoking projects under his brand name VodHavok Studios LLC, while attending college at Drexel University, as an Entertainment and Arts Management Major and Entrepreneur


VodHavok is a collective creating an open and loving community via artistic expression. VodHavok’s mission is to bring quality art to people everywhere around the world. We want to illustrate our creative expression via mediums the team sees fit. This, in turn, will inspire others to express themselves creatively; to be an individual, unafraid to be true to themselves, and what they believe to be beautiful.

Love the art?
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