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"Broke Music in Surround Sound" 12" Collectible Vinyl

VodHavok Studios LLC Presents its Deluxe Album, "Broke Music in Surround Sound" The debut album for Philadelphia native, Skvwalker. A 7 track LP capturing the essence of a creative, learning to handle the process of turning nothing into something, regarding music and character.

"Artist, Skvwalker has released an anime-inspired summer banger titled, Explosion Kid’. The track showcases many easters eggs from famous beloved animes like Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Punch-Man, and most notably for the character Katsuki Bakugo, My Hero Academia. The Ev Grimes produced track comes on strong and finishes strong with a killer bass foundation. His aggressive flow brings his lyrics to life. The catchy chorus is like icing on top."

-Ella Audrey Rae (Journalist and web designer)

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"Time Again" (ft. Isnotcynical)


Before I Was Broke Cover3.jpg

"Before I Went Broke


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