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Skvwalker, born and raised in North Philadelphia, is an up and coming rapper and artist who pulls inspiration from visionaries such as Drake, J.Cole, Travis Scott, and Tyler, The Creator. 


Similar to these incredible artists, versatility is one word that can sum up Skvwalker; he raps, sings, dances, and is also a visual artist. This combination of qualities makes him the perfect candidate for representing the next generation of Philly rap and hip hop. 


In his latest project, Before I Went Broke, Skvwalker’s unique cadence and style are highlighted in the tracks Top of the World and Pardon, which was recorded on his trip to LA in 2019. 


Skvwalker is currently working with Brand Name Records and is located in Philadelphia. Skvwalker also has expanded his brand to make a creative studio, VodHavok in addition to co-founding Epitome Pictures. 


In the media, Skvwalker has been picked up by Pop culture media outlet Reignland, who first commented on his track, Pardon:


“This track has all the positive elements to attract so many to enjoy this wonderful track. I loved the beat, vocals, and the skillful rapping along with the excellent lyrics! Great work! Be sure to listen to this track...  Add this jam to your playlist.” (Reignland 2020).


On top of striving to be constantly improving himself creatively, lyrically, and artistically, he shares advocacy for pushing forward despite hardships that stand in his way:



“I like to tell my story as an individual who was able to make a path for himself when there seemed like there was no way to do so. Someone believing in their dreams is why everyone is here today. I like to spread this message to anyone who has a dream. I hope they took a look at how I achieved mine and start to think anything is possible for themselves. My most pure message for anyone out there.”